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    The BP+BE theory put forward by Chris Aligba #CA is about energizing the workplace with Better People (BP) and Better Environments (BE) while creating a culture of high performance.


    Competently grow efficiency potentials within your marketing organization and processes.


    Competently grow your human capital capabilities and potentials to build competitive advantage.


    Competently grow your business with Better People (BP) + Better Environments (BE) Theory.















    Now available in Ebook, Paperback & Hardcover formats@ Lulu, Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Scribd.


    I hope to inspire, challenge, and equip you with thoughts that are as timeless as they are true. Enjoy!




    Chris Aligba's Deliberate Development workshop series will transform individuals, teams, and organizations to function at even higher levels of performance and experience greater job fulfillment. Please get more info here.


    All formats Available.



    The Afrocentric Leadership Revolution



    Emerging Pathways of Growth in Africa



    Connecting People, Purpose and Sustained Productivity.

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    Be more, do more and give more.

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    they call him "ligman."

    Engage PR 2018!

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    This e-course will help you recognize your best professional qualities and help you stand out from the competition. During this workshop, you will acquire skills through hands-on group exercises and coaching.


    future executives seminar

  • "Chris Aligba worked with us at our Aberdeen (UK) subsidiary. He's a talented marketing executive, with keen commercial insight and excellent communication skills."​ - Shona

    "It was really nice working with Christian Aligba. We enjoyed his 'Better People' staff development programs. He is a positive, 'can-do-it' experienced workplace expert, leadership coach, strategic marketing and branding consultant."

    "The impact of Christian Aligba's "Heart x Mind" leadership philosophy was truly an eye-opener for everyone at this month's edition of the New Frontier workshop."

    "Chris Aligba is a focused, meticulous, hardworking and disciplined individual. His work on the development of customer value propositions and implementation of targeted strategies has had a huge impact on the success and growth of our business."

    “With #CA as our executive and leadership coach, we have extensively changed our leadership approach. We now see ourselves and what we do more objectively."

    Apart from being the Student Representative of the International Business Class 2004/2005, Chris Aligba was an RGU Brand Ambassador from 2005 - 2007. In my experience, I've come across very few individuals who’ve proven to be as talented as #CA."

    Chris Aligba served with us as a Sales & Marketing Advisor at the Scot-Ads division of Aberdeen Journals Limited at Aberdeen, United Kingdom and I must say that I loved his energy, focus, and passion for our business." - Kerry, Scot-Ads

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