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Africa: The Big Issue, Vol.1, Pt.3

Post by Chris Aligba #FutureNow #Series

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One thing I have learnt serving in the last 20+ years as an astute leader, professional and ardent volunteer in various capacities - in profit and non-profit organisations is that profound leaders often do not or may not necessarily occupy positions of public power in a corporate setting. Many times, they are not the flag wavers as Peter Senge rightly puts it, "campaigning vocally for a change but rather they are passionate individuals keenly working to transform society from the bottom up. They are often open-minded pragmatists, people who care very deeply about the future but who are suspicious of quick fixes, and superficial answers to multifaceted problems."

In my new book, Future Now, I have attempted to inspire and initiate a collective awakening to new possibilities that borders on a "different path" for African leadership - urgently needed to close the sickening gap between the recent past and Africa's prodigious future. Chapter One tries to deliberate on the repulsive legacy of the "typical" African leadership and the case for change. In Chapter Two, I attempt to discuss the imperative to fan the embers of the Afrocentric leadership revolution that has begun already. Chapter Three briefly explores the need to embrace an education archetype for leadership in Africa: one that posits a binary view or philosophy I call "Heart x Mind" - where "education" is not exaggeratedly reliant on cognitive abilities or superior academic achievements but one that is proselytised in sound value systems. You will certainly enjoy reading this book! It's quick, vivid, provocative and immersive. More importantly, it's beautifully written, intimately reported and passionately argued.

As I implore you to take a walk with me through the pages of the new book, allow me quickly assert that "leadership" doesn't and can't rest alone with the political class. Absolutely not! The idea that leadership can only come from people in positions of power completely misses the point. At the levels of business, civil society, academia, a new kind of leadership that's devoid of debauchery is also needed, one that will not lead to the hibernation of society.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate the new book to every African that's fed up with the status quo - a widely repugnant leadership that's rooted in antiquated ideologies, parochial interests, and complete mediocrity. Also, I dedicate it to those who have refused to be a part of the problem and will not give in to weary fatalism; those whose lives and work reveal and espouse every day an overarching conviction of empathetic, predictable, deliberate, and consistent leadership that works for all, and not just for a few. You all have my utmost respect! For we are but one of the millions of Africans who are making a difference; our real worth should not depend on our ego, but on our qualitative and productive contribution to society. We must dare to reinvent the culture of leadership in Africa.

To be continued in "Africa: The Big Issue, Vol.1, Pt.4."


Christian Aligba is the Founder & President of C.A.L.F Africa, a non-profit organisation that's keenly focused on developing and recognising the next generation of African leaders - helping to create a new narrative, a new normal, a new beginning: Better Leaders, Better Societies across Africa. Learn more@


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