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Audacity meets Passion!

The Imperative to Act Urgently.

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"It's likely that the search for principled governance in Africa may not end until we get principled followership and principled leadership."

How do you transform a society? A continent?

Always, it begins with a leader. Men and women with a passion, a strategic plan and the ability to carry others along in transforming every facet of society for the better. A society that's inclusive - where no one is left behind. This demands a "make-it-happen" kind of leadership which is rare in Africa.

"In 10+ years, we will produce 1.5 million transformative young African leaders whilst deepening the Afrocentric leadership revolution." Excerpt from C.A.L.F Africa's Précis.

Looking at the African context and more particularly the political sphere that largely undermines its own democracies, the question that demands a serious answer is 'Do we have true leadership?

In Africa, the quality of leadership leaves much to be desired. There is very urgent need now for able, true and efficient leadership in all facets of our communal life. Such leadership must be in the hands of competent, enlightened, people-centred and compassionate individuals. Thus, it's very likely that the search for these persons may not end until we get principled followership and principled leadership resulting into principled governance of Africa. This is where C.A.L.F Africa comes in.

"Africa's future MUST be in the "right hands". There MUST be a clear breakaway from the ugly past. Enough is enough!"

Today the extensive discourse on African development is increasingly focusing on capacity for leadership and governance, as well as on its role in engendering economic growth, promoting development, and ensuring poverty reduction. Awakened to this challenge, it is a truism that what we must do to bring about radical change is to work at providing a transformative education of the "heart and mind".

So, as we lead this leadership revolution, it’s our dream to work with people like you to make better leaders - so together, we can make societies across Africa better than we found them. It's that simple and more-than-possible - if we do it together as it will require tons and tons of hard work, humility, perseverance and concerted efforts from all of us. Join us to make Africa better!

  1. To prepare emerging leaders to take on significant roles and responsibilities.
  2. To encourage, recognise and award "the very best" of leadership that brings about people-centred, inclusive, high-value and lasting human development and societal impact initiatives. Learn more at

With the Usual Esteem & Appreciation,

Christian Aligba is the Founder/President of C.A.L.F Africa, a non-profit organization that's keenly developing and recognizing the next generation of African leaders - helping to create a new narrative, a new normal, a new beginning. Better Leaders, Better Societies across Africa. Learn more@

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