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'Better People' (BP)

Training & Development that Gets You Ahead

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"If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.". - Ecclesiastes 10:10 New International Version (NIV)

It is better to sharpen the axe than to go on hammering with a blunt one, better to succeed by skill and tact than by mere brute strength. I must confess that with the belt-tightening of recent months in Nigeria and in most parts of the world, you are probably tempted to cut down on training and development. But if you want to retain your employees and keep their productivity up, you might want to rethink that position. Usually, the first thing out of the window during an economic downturn is training and development. Most companies have cut back on sending people to conferences and looked hard at cutting other expenses.

Leading edge companies are still continuing to invest in training and development; and will come out far ahead of those other businesses whose only management strategy is to cut, slash and burn. Training, education and degree completion programs have become one of the most desired employee benefits available. Among younger job seekers today, the opportunity to learn new skills is the number one benefit as they view training and development as critical. They value the opportunity to advance and make more money. They also want to make a bigger contribution and have a fear of failing or falling behind in a competitive world. Satisfying these desires with training accomplishes personal and organizational goals. Well-trained employees are more capable and willing to assume more control over their jobs. They need less supervision, which frees management for other tasks. Employees are more capable to answer the questions of customers, which builds better customer loyalty. Needless to say, employees who understand the business complain less as they are more satisfied, and are more motivated to contribute significantly to the development of the business - which further leads to better management-employee relationships.

Last year, the American Management Association (AMA) survey of 352 HR executives confirmed that certain enhancement issues were of top importance to employees. "Investing in employees' future is more important than immediate compensation," said Eric Rolfe Greenberg, AMA's Director of Management Studies. "Programs that improve work skills and future career development are seen as particularly effective." The AMA survey identified the following skill enhancement techniques and the percentage of companies employing them as a retention strategy:

  • External Conferences/Seminars/78.1% 
  • Tuition Reimbursement/67.3% 
  • Managerial Training/66.8% 
  • Company Support for Degree/62.2% 
  • Interpersonal Skills Training/56.8% 
  • Technical Training/54.5% 
  • Employability Training/35.2%

In addition to better productivity, organizations that emphasize employee development make a lasting impression and earn lasting loyalty. For any business looking to stay ahead of the competition, keeping up to date with the latest training requirements is imperative. However, ensuring all staff are fully trained and qualified can often be difficult and time consuming – not to mention costly. To help solve this problem, my team of experts and I have developed specialist bespoke packages to help take the pain out of organising training at any level and in any context - delivered at a time and place to fit. We are convinced that 'better people' will unleash 'better results'. That's why we are focused on engaging and empowering people in all facets of human endeavor. Ultimately, it's about the quality of your results - as an individual, business, group, team or organization.

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